Panasonic Tough Style Plus Vacuum Cleaner (MC-YL635)


? Imput Power:?240V
? Dust Capacity:?21 L
? Extension Wands:?Metal x 2
? Cord Length:?8.0m

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Anti-Bacteria Filter

Anti-Bacteria filter includes copper in the fabric. This?copper eliminates odor particles, keeping the filter clean,?improving room air quality and keeping your body free of?pollutants.



Large Dust Capacity

With the Large dust capacity, it allows you to clean the floor with less frequency of emptying the dust bag.


2 Step Nozzle

2-step adjustable nozzle can be used for


Grounding chain

Chain is put on the drum as countermeasure for static electricity.


Metallic Wands

2 pieces durable metallic extension wands



A crevise tool and an upholstery on board




Cord Rewind No
Imput Power 2200 W
Dust Capacity 21 L
Extension Wands Metal x 2
Cord Length 8.0 m
Exhaust Filter Anti-Bacteria


Made in Malaysia:

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